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Hello! I am an artist and software developer.

With a BSc in Digital Arts Computing, of Goldsmiths, UoL, and formal training in C# form Sparta Global Ltd. I've been a software developer for the same company for the last 2.5 years. On the side, in effort to fuel the more tactile parts of my phsyche, I've been part of a london artist collective, In.Grid, as well as dipping into my own practice of wire automata sculptures (mainly floral).

I have experience with the coding side (C# DotNet MVC with EF, Azure, some Automated Testing (selenium), React.js (using StoryBook, Jest, ESLint, SonarCloud), Git) and have experience of the more tactile (acrylic, goauche, oil paints, pottery, crochet, sewing, darning, weaving).

I am the most fulfilled when I can work on a project that feeds both sides, lending itself to projection mapping on sculptures, creating wearables, 3D printing cams and cogs to build mobile sculptures, playful interactive art, blender models that are experienced through AR...

If this registers with you, let's talk! I'm looking for more experiences with the latter. I can be found on instagram, or via email at meganbenson@outlook.com