Remote Latency, 2020

Remote Latency, Online Exhibition hosted with Arebyte On Screen.

Blossom Branch, 2020

Blossom Branch, 2020. See here for full documentation of piece journey and here for the piece.

Try Again, 2017

Try Again, an interactive wall, looking into hand gestures and communication while exploring the arduino and basic electronics. Final Piece for Art Foundation at UCA Farnham.

Beyond The Depths

Beyond the Depths, 2019. A piece on materiality

islets, 2019

Collaboration delving into diabetes stem cell research with Kings College London scientist Ella-Louise Hubber and artist Johanna de Verdier. Exhibited at New Scientist Live 2019. Article here.

PATCH, 2018

PATCH, e-textiles and projection mapping piece for first year of uni. Piece documentation here


Peggy, Clay, 2015, Thoughts on losing time. Exhibited with an interview of Peggy played from inside the head.


stickers like, screen printing, sweet layers

Last Supper (first breakfast), 2016

Oil, placing myself at a table among those who defined time.

a tweet, 2018

p5js sketch, code the size of a tweet. Piece here

acrylic sketches

to go to print

Beyond The Depths

Maria, Charcoal, A0. A piece made while looking at time and its perception.

Gran's Garden, 2017

panorama playing physical to digital with facebook and google panorama. formatted piece here

Graphics Webcam

Experimentation with openframeworks shaders c++

iterate, 2018, pop-up show

iterate student pop up show. Piece here

Lino Pieces

Lino for Helve poster and other

Lockdown Sketches

sketches for Helve band, most from lockdown

November Blues EP

EP cover for Leon Benson, on Spotify here


Olivia, acylic under projection, playing with presenting movement and traditional media. Video of piece here


Embroidered free hand

Perlin Sketch

p5js graphics playing with perlin noise, live sketch here

Robot Arm sketch

openframeworks graphics c++, piece found here


Pencil sketch, 2015